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Sohrab Eskandari Face Detection

Guide to Scenario Planning – Face Detection

A step by step guide to scenario planning, including identifying trends, creating a scenario planning template and developing a scenario.


AI Solutions

Powerful AI-based solution for fast & simple optical inspection with defect & repair management.

Computer Vision Projects

This article covers an extensive list of novel, valuable computer vision applications across all industries. Computer Vision Projects for Beginners · 1. Edge Detection · 2. Photo Sketching photo sketching – computer vision project · 3. Detecting Contours computer vision

Student project

AI Projects for Students — Check out these simple AI projects if you’re a student looking for exciting AI project ideas to expand your knowledge

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas for 2022

Building Artificial Intelligence projects not only improve your skillset as an AI engineer, but it also is a great way to display your …

Design by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence helps designers in tedious tasks to free up more time for creative problem solving.

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