10 innovative AI leaders that will shape the future of technology

THE Top 100 Most Influential People in AI! 🌐🤖

– TIME introduces the TIME100 AI to focus on people and influence in AI.
Generative AI, exemplified by ChatGPT, has been highlighted in TIME’s cover stories.

– AI safety concerns and its potential impact on humanity have been discussed.
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and AI growth are featured in interviews and articles.

– The rapid growth of AI innovation is a key theme emphasized by TIME.
TIME’s editors and reporters curated the TIME100 AI list.

– TIME100 AI members span from young activists to influential AI pioneers.

– These individuals represent various facets of AI development and ethics.

– The TIME100 AI includes rivals, regulators, scientists, artists, advocates, and executives.

– The issue also features exclusive reporting on Elon Musk’s role in AI’s future by former TIME Editor Walter Isaacson.

What do you think? Was there anyone on the list that surprised you??

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